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Pedro Cruz is a Software Engineer, Educator, and Entrepreneur. He specializes in designing Tech for Good applications using emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR/VR, and Blockchain. He has worked with a range of companies from startups to large corporations, including IBM and Snap.

Pedro's passion for technology and entrepreneurship started at an early age. At just 11 years old, he started flipping trading cards on eBay, creating websites, and producing videos for clients.

In 2014, Pedro created a VR startup called Touralo, an application to view real estate properties, tourism, and vacation destinations in WebVR. While the venture did not succeed, it taught Pedro valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and risk-taking. Shortly after in 2015, Pedro founded a successful software consulting business that grew to over six figures in revenue.

Later, in 2018, he founded VeoVeo Studios, an AR/VR production studio that serviced a variety of corporate clients including Coca Cola, AT&T, Liberty, Banco Popular, Toro Verde, and Medalla. His work in the studio and as a consultant has given him extensive experience in designing and delivering immersive and interactive experiences for various industries. Pedro's expertise in emerging technologies, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, has made him a respected figure in the industry and a sought-after speaker and consultant.

Moreover, Pedro's passion for applying high technology in social impact projects led him to create DroneAid after Hurricane Maria in 2017. DroneAid is an aerial scout for first responders that uses drones and artificial intelligence to detect S.O.S. messages after natural disasters. DroneAid was featured in Code & Response, a feature-length documentary, as well as in TechCrunch, Ars Electronica, Vox, and at IBM’s THINK Conference in 2019.

Then, following major earthquakes in Puerto Rico in 2020, Pedro created DamageCheck, an app that uses machine learning and augmented reality to verify the severity of earthquake damage. His work on DamageCheck was recognized with a grant from Snap’s Ghost AR Innovation Lab.

In addition to his work in technology, Pedro is also a creative technologist and generative artist. Since 2018, he has created dozens of augmented reality art pieces, and he began making AI art in 2020. His first NFT Art collection is an AI collaboration that explores the theme of The Hero’s Journey, inspired by significant childhood experiences that shaped his world-view and reality.

Pedro is also passionate about education and serves as an instructor for bootcamps and hackathons. He sits on the board of non-profits, including Link Puerto Rico, the first blockchain developer education community in Puerto Rico, and Social Key, an organization dedicated to providing access to VR headsets to underrepresented communities.


Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association
Director of Web3 Development

Dream Labs, LLC
Founder & CEO

Neftify Labs
Lead Developer

Snap, Inc
Research Fellow (Ghost AR Innovation Lab)

IBM (Call for Code)
Lead Developer Advocate

IBM (Cloud)
Developer Advocate

VeoVeo Studios
Co-Founder & CEO

SI3D Media
Product Manager

iGenapps, LLC
Lead Engineer

Techno Inventors
Tech Instructor

Web Developer


Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Computer Engineering

Iowa State University
Mechanical Engineering